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Tailored Wine Tours with Brendan Moore

Brendan is an Englishman who has lived in France and been a student of its wine for more than 30 years. He'll make your holiday unforgettable by inviting you along to visit with some of the most esteemed and charming wine-producing families you'll ever meet. He’ll tap into his vast network, scheduling cellar visits and tasting experiences that simply aren't available from the larger tour companies.

Wine Liaisons was created in 2001 by Brendan Moore who has lived and worked in France for more than 30 years, Brendan originally crossed “La Manche” in the early 80s to run a hotel barge on the Canal du Midi in the south of France. The area’s vineyards quickly became one of his centres of interest and ultimately steered him to Burgundy, where he captained luxury barges specialising in wine cruises. After setting up his home base in Burgundy, he developed strong ties with the area’s wine-producing community and was fortunate to be employed by a prestigious Chablis wine producer in 1992.


Keen to share his acquired knowledge of the wines and the region he set up Wine Liaisons. As his reputation became known over the years, Brendan’s expertise has been tapped from time to time for documentaries and in wine publications. His input is also included in the heralded Hachette Wine Guide, effectively the French wine bible. As evidenced from What Guests Say while Brendan has vast personal wine producer connections and exhaustive wine expertise, he guides guests through new wines and regions in a relaxed, approachable way. Many of his clients have become loyal, repeat customers over the years. Brendan is based near Chablis but his network of wine producers extends to all the wine regions of France.

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