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Champagne & Alsace Wine Tours

Please call or use the contact form to discuss your requirements for these two diverse  but beautiful wine regions.

Wine Liaisons Champagne Vineyards in the snow

Pop into Champagne!

Many people don’t realize just how close Champagne is to Paris, or the Channel ports. It's an hours drive east on the A4 or the same in a train from Gare de L’Est. An easy 2 hour drive south along the A26 from Calais and you arrive at Reims. A day and a night is probably sufficient time to get the feel of the region and to taste a good cross section of wonderful Champagnes.


Too often overlooked, Alsace for me is one of the most fascinating wine regions in France. The vineyards start in the foothills of the Vosges mountains and finish on the flood plain of the Rhine valley. The Vosges mountains act as a barrier to the cooling and precipitation influence from the Atlantic, giving the region a uniquely warm and dry climate.

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