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Wine Experiences

Brendan will make your holiday unforgettable by inviting you along to visit with some of the most esteemed and charming wine-producing families you'll ever meet. He’ll tap into his vast network, scheduling cellar visits and tasting experiences that simply aren't available from the larger tour companies. As you sit around a barrel in a years-old cellar, you'll notice that Brendan's rapport with the wine producers is more akin to that of a personal friend than of a guide who brings clients to taste their wines. His personal connections and deep expertise culminate in the unique encounters you can expect as Brendan's guest on your tailor-made wine holiday in France.

Contact Brendan and start planning your wine holiday today! Brendan will craft an itinerary based on the size of your group, the pace at which you prefer to travel, the length of time you have available, and your budget. He can suggest restaurants and accommodations to suit your style.

He'll arrange to meet up with you at a train station or fetch you from your hotel. Whether you have a few hours or a few days, he'll transport you - literally and figuratively - to the stunning French countryside where you'll promptly fall in love with some of the most delicious wines in the world.

You'll leave France having had a wine education, too. Brendan won't rest merely letting you taste the wines of his favorite French appellations. He only feels he's done his job if, by the end of the day, you can rattle off which grape varieties are grown in the region you're visiting. Brendan will teach you to identify the subtle flavors of each wine you taste, allowing you to better appreciate and savor each sip. He'll give you a tutorial on the wine's terroir while engaging in friendly debate with the wine producers' family about how the weather may have influenced the cuvee you're tasting. And he'll do it all with wit and a warm smile.

Prepare your tastebuds because Brendan is famous for showing up with a tasty homemade quiche or batch of fresh-baked gougeres, accompanied by cheeses and terrines he picks up from local haunts in his hometown of Chablis. You'll enjoy impromptu picnics with your just-purchased wines overlooking the vines that produced them. These are the personal touches you'll find only by traveling with Brendan and Wine Liaisons.

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